About Us

Celerus is one of the oldest software design firms of the modern computer age with a history going back to 1989 when home PCs were rare.  Under the direction of then 9-year old Matthew Power, Celerus spawned its first MS-DOS application written in the GW-BASIC programming language called The Insulter.  The Insulter was a simple question and answer application, which relied heavily on Regex (Regular Expressions).  The Insulter used the users' own input against them, insulting them in amusing ways.


It was not until 2005 that Celerus would reappear.  During the winter of 2005, Matthew Power began developing applications for the hospitality industry in VB.NET (Visual Basic on .NET 2.0 Framework).  His first corporate application was released and used in the retail, construction, and facilities management industries in 2006.  Incorporated in August 2010, Celerus Corporation now leads the industry in memory management and compression as the world shifts from PCs to increasingly memory-sparse mobile machines.

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