This year has shown to be a busy year for Celerus. Among our many products and services in development are StamWriter™, StamReader™, VirtualTorah™,™, and SuperFetch™.

StamWriter is a modern replacement for standard UTF-8 Unicode encoding when targeting a small subset of Unicode characters.  This project began out of the need to transfer a large amount of Hebrew characters across a network and to reduce the file size from over 800 KB to under 75 KB to avoid trapping the text in .NET's large object heap.  The solution to these problems was to map the most common words, roots, and letters to single bytes, which reduced the original file size to well under 75 KB. StamReader™ is a freeware application that interprets the raw bytes into their equivalent UTF-8 strings of text. This project has since been expanded to compress any Unicode document to about 1/10th of its original size, and is now known as X-Compress.

VirtualTorah is the world's first complete vector graphic Torah built with Silverlight and ASP.NET.  Unlike its predecessors, which use poorly rasterized images of sections of the Torah, VirtualTorah is fully scalable to the screen size of the user.  It allows the bar or bat mitzvah student to study their Torah portion complete with audio and tikkun, just as they would in the synagogue.  We are currently developing an iPhone and iPad version of this software to be released at year's end.

Our newest project is™, which will launch at the end of September. DiaperFund is an organization that distributes free diapers to moms and expectant mothers to help ease the cost of raising a child.

Tikkun Korim is an advanced set of online tools for rabbis and bar mitzvah students that wish to learn or review the Torah and Haftorah portions for the public readings on Shabbat and festival days. A small sample Haftorah recording is available currently. The access to this site is currently private and by invitation-only. To find out how to you can become a Baal Korei (a Master Reader) and join the community, contact us via email.

Beat Center is an online marketplace connecting songwriters and music producers to solo artists and singers who need their services. The access to this site is currently private and by invitation-only. To find out more, contact us via email.

SuperFetch is a graphical search engine, which can recognize, index, and translate the objects and qualities of any image into qualified strings, which can then be searched just like any text on the web.  The new home for this engine will be coming this December.

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